quarta-feira, 1 de setembro de 2010

I wish...

I look at those photos. Actually, I cannot stop staring at them. Oh, how i wish i could appear there. If only wishes count to anything.
Maybe it's because it is september. I am already felling depressed. How will I stand this year? Fuck! This is worst than that time you left. That one that i wished was the last. But as I said, if only wishes counted to anything. If wishes moved the world we would all be happy. We would all hated that too. Wich means that with or without wishes realized our life sucks.
I wish I could truely smile, and say that I don't need nothing more than what I have to be happy. I wish I could just live my dream tomorow. Yeah, maybe it will take longer than that.
'If she had wings she would fly away'. Yes I would.

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